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Battery set 3 for S3 ABB ROBOTS

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Battery set 3 for S3 ABB ROBOTS 
1 x single lithium cell for computer backup and 1 x six cell pack ni-cad battery that goes in the arm to back up sync data on the serial measurement board. Manufactured by Global Robots to match or exceed original manufacturers specifications. Each single lithium cell is equivalent to ABB parts 4944 026-5 and 3HAB 2038-1The Ni-Cad (nickel cadmium) 7.2V 6 cell pack is equivalent to ABB part numbers 4944 026-4 and 3HAB9307-1 and replaces 3HAB9999-1, 3HAB999-2 

Battery life expectancy depends on how often the robot is switched off and for how long. The ABB robots use volatile memory that requires a constant power source to maintain data. Given the price of the batteries and the cost of reloading or losing data and programs we would recommend checking the batteries every year and replacing every 2 years. 

If the SMB battery dies the robot will need synchronising every time the robot is switched off. If the single computer backup battery dies you will lose all your programs and parameters.

Please note that buying this set the price is lower than buying the batteries individually. 

Please note these batteries should be disposed of by recycling in accordance with local legislation.

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