The Kuka KR5 ARC robot with KRC4 Controller from Global Robots

control: KR C4
capacity: 5kg
reach: 1350mm
stock: 1
weight: -


The Kuka KR 5 arc is a 6 axis, high speed industrial arc welding robot that with its high accuracy and short cycle times can also be used for parts handling. 

It comes with a KR C4 Controller that has maximum performance, scalability and flexibility.  Its control system has four integrated controllers - robot, PLC, Motion and safety control.  All the controllers share a database and infrastructure making automation simpler and more powerful.  This in turn reduces costs for integration, maintenance and servicing.

It is suitable for operation in most environmental conditions, supports different mains voltages and types, uses interface in 25 different languages and meets all globally relevant ISO and US standards.

The KR C4 is compatible with previous KR C2 programs.

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