ABB IRB 1600 Industrial Robot with M2004 IRC5 controller 7/1.2 version

SKU: IRB 1600 1.2/7 M2004
control: IRC5
capacity: 7kg
reach: 1.2m
stock: 1
weight: -


The IRB 1600 has outstanding position repeat-ability (+- 0.05 mm) and very good path accuracy. The IRB 1600 has been developed to be very reliable, and yet very fast and agile. 
The ABB IRB 1600 is suitable for arc welding, assembly, die casting, injection molding, machine tending, material handling and packing applications.
Possibly the main advance of the 1600 is like the 140, it can be mounted on the floor, wall, inverted or at an angle. 
There are versions of the IRB 1600

1600-6/1.2 with 6kg handling capacity and 1.2m reach1600-6/1.45 with 6 kg handling capacity and 1.45m reach
1600-7/1.45 with 7kg handling capacity and 1.45m reach
1600-8/1.2 with 8.5kg handling capacity and 1.2m reach1600-8/1.45 with 8.5kg handling capacity and 1.45m reach
All are full 6 axis robots protection is IP 54 as standard (and clean room version) or IP67 on the foundry plus arms.

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