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Kawasaki FS10E Robot with D Controller

SKU: Kawasaki FS10E Robot with D Controller
control: D Controller
capacity: 10kg
reach: 1451mm
stock: 1
weight: -


The F series of robots from Kawasaki are very reliable with a high level of functionality. As a used machine they represent exceptional value for money.  They are designed for a medium payload applications requiring a flexible work envelope.

The slim arm design, simplified vertical alignment and robot pedestal mounted joint 1 axis/motor allow the F Series robots to require less plant floor space while having an extremely large work envelope.  They provide a great variety of options for the customer, having different arm combinations for various reaches and payloads.


These robots have a proven track record in many applications and are widely used by manufacturers throughout the world.

The Kawasaki FS10E robot has a payload of 10kg and a reach of 1451mm.

The Kawasaki D Controller is highly functional and versatile to meet the next generation of robot applications.  It combines new hardware technology together with software which has been developed to make the D Controller easy to operate with a high level of expansion possibilities and easy maintenance characteristics.

Dedicated software is also available for a wide range of applications including palletising, material handling, spot-welding, sealing and arc welding.

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