ABB IRB 2400L IRC5 Welding Cell with 750k Manipulator

SKU: IRB 2400L IRC5 Welding Cell -750K Manipulator
control: IRC5
capacity: 5-7kg
reach: 1.8m
stock: 1
weight: -


The FlexArc welding cells are designed to deliver cost-effective, state-

of-the-art robotic welding operations. FlexArc welding cells are built to a global stan-

dard that delivers savings in both time and money.

FlexArc cells are designed using a modular system of standard components that can

meet the requirements of most applications.

All the cells are designed to deliver maximum performance whilst making optimum

use of the space available.


FlexArc features the FlexPendant graphical operator interface, which provides operators

with an overview of the status of the cell plus important quality and production data.

The interface allows the operator to communicate effectively with all of the functions

within a cell and access all the information about the cell’s performance, including the

status of the robot, robot control, plus other functions such as roll-down door control.

With minimum training, the user can organise the welding operation into a series of

work steps. The operator has all the information needed to keep track of the number

of parts produced, as well as cycle times, the number of welds produced and the individual weld length.

Short delivery times and easy implementation make FlexArc’s standard approach the

natural choice for “plug-and-produce” operations.

This used ABB FlexArc single 2400L IRC5 Welding Cell consists of:

ABB IRBP 750k Manipulator
ABB IRB 2400L robot arm
ABB IRC5 Controller
ABB Welding Cell
ABb Bullseye
ABB Torch Cleaner

Please telephone for further information:  01234 766450

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