Kuka KR 240 L 210 with KR C2 ED05 Controller

SKU: Kuka KR 240 L 210 with KRC2 ED05
control: KR C2 ED05
capacity: 210kg
reach: 2900mm
stock: 1
weight: -


This is Kuka KR 240 L 210 with KR C2 ED05 Controller.  It has a payload of 210kg and a reach of 2900mm.

Heaviest payload 6 axis robot of the 2000 series available in 3 different payloads and horizontal arm reaches (2700 mm/240 kg, 2900/210 kg and 3100/180 Kg).

Suitable for heavy payload tasks such as machining, loading/unloading of parts, welding, glueing etc.

The robot uses the KR C2 Controller that is Windows based and has a very large colour touchscreen.  The KR C2 is notable for its excellent connectivity, huge memory and user-friendly interface.  It comes with built-in I/O and safety circuits

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