Fanuc Robotics

260kg payload Fanuc M-900iA with R-30iA control

SKU: Fanuc M-900iA 260L R-30iA
control: R-30iA
capacity: 260kg
reach: 3100
stock: 4
weight: -


The M-900iA Fanuc Robots are at the very top end of robot payload capability and the strongest robots we have in stock.

With a high specification R-30iA controller these robot have excellent control and accuracy as well as the brute strength and speed to automate very demanding applications, for more info please see the following link.

Built for high speed and high payload capacity, the Fanuc M-900iA industrial robot series offers users the ability to automate many material handling applications. Six axes and electric servo-driven motors allow robots in this series to manipulate materials weighing up to 600kg.

Each M-900iA we ship is tested and serviced before cleaning, repainting and then a final test to check the robot is ready to work. We give a three month parts warranty so that you can be sure that you are getting a complete and functional robot.

These robots are very rare, not many have been made as they are much bigger and stronger than a standard car factory robot, they are even rarer on the used market. 

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