ABB IRB 1400 industrial robot with TecArc 450 weld equipment

control: S4C
capacity: -
reach: 1444mm
stock: 10
weight: -


ABB IRB 1400 S4C with Tecarc 450 welder, wire feed, torch and cooler.


The IRB 1400 is one of the most popular robots for MIG welding. The 1400 has excellent reach, path following and a slender wrist making accessibility easy. The 1400 is very reliable indeed, there are thousands working away around the world in chassis plants as well as many other industries. By fitting the robot with our brand new TecArc welding package it makes a very affordable MIG welding solution.


The S4C controller is reliable, simple and good value. It has all the functionality needed to fully automate welding processes. We set up the S4C to work with the Tecarc welder so that control over the weld process is all set up via the pendant and in control of the robot. This makes for a reliable, repeatable process. Robots are brilliant at welding consistently and neatly saving failures, scrap, time and money.




Amps range 10-450A

Max OCV 55V DC

Duty cycle @60% 450A

Duty cycle @100% 350A

Input fuse slow type 32A

MIG welding wire size (mm) 0.8-1.6




Infinite control of output volts either on front panel or via robot.

Infinite control of output amps either on front panel or via robot.

Digital volt & ammeter.

Super smooth welding characteristics.

100% copper wound transformer with 5 year warranty.

Robust thyristor technology for unbeatable reliability.

Very high duty cycle perfect for automation.

Arc established contact for robot.

Wire inch switch to feed wire cold.

Gas purge switch.

Choice of two output inductance settings.

Burnback control (set inside)

Rugged & reliable Swedish wire feed motor

4 roll drive for precise wire feed.

Really compact & light feeder design (3kg)

Simple 2 bolt fixing to robot arm.

Industry standard euro torch connection.

5M leads to power source standard. (30m option)

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