Fanuc Robotics

Fanuc S-430iL 125

SKU: Fanuc S-430iL R-J3
control: R-J3
capacity: 125kg
reach: 3m
stock: 9
weight: 2,000kg


The Fanuc Robot 430i marked a significant change in arm design for large Fanuc robots. The design is very similar to the Kuka design used on the IR360 and then on the KR series. The main difference is the sensible use of a mechanical spring to help axis 2 movements, rather than the gas spring used by Kuka. The design gives an excellent work envelope a big reach of 2488mm and yet is very compact and requires very little space. The arm design allows the robot to move with a great deal of flexibility and gives the robot a substantial advantage over its predecessors. The robot can even reach overhead and behind itself. The robot is equipped with Fanuc's R-J3 control system that gives the robot outstanding connectivity and usability. The R J3 also retains the R J2’s no-nonsense, easy to program approach.

There are three main types of 430i; 

S-430iF is the standard version and has a payload of 130kg and a reach of 2643mm

S-430iW version has a payload of 165kg and reach of 2643mm. The W version has larger gearboxes and a thicker wrist to give the extra payload

S-430iL/125 version has a longer reach of 3002mm and has 125kg payload.


There are also other types that are seen less often:

S-430iL/80, is a long arm with reduced payload

S-430iW/200, is a 200kg payload version of the W

S-430iR/130 Rack mount (shelf robot)

S-430iR/165 Heavy duty rack mount

S-430iR/PHT High Torque rack mount

S-430iR/PHS High speed rack mount

S-430iU Inverted

S-430iCF Compact version

S-430iCL Longer arm Compact version


Repeatability is quoted at 0.3mm and the arm design does not have any motors at the wrist keeping the wrist slim. The robot is suitable for many general industrial applications including handling, spot welding, handling, dispensing, material handling and machine loading. 

At Global Robots we clean, paint and test each robot. We then service the robot replacing any worn or damaged parts and change the grease and batteries. We supply the robot with 3 months parts warranty so that you can be sure the robot is ready to work. The robot comes complete with controller, pendant and cables. I/O or BUS systems can be fitted as required. 

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