Universal Robots *NEW*

Universal Robot UR5

SKU: Universal Robots UR5
control: Polyscope
capacity: 5kg
reach: 850mm
stock: 1
weight: 60kg


The Universal Robots UR5 and UR10 are brand new robots that have the most intuitive programming system we have ever seen. Designed to be very easy to install the robot has a number of innovative key features that sets it apart from other robots on the market:


Low price

Single phase


Invertible and wall mountable

Simple to program

Built in I/O

Programming wizards

Can be taught by moving the arm by hand

Very compact controller


The Universal Robots UR5 is perfect for many standard robot applications such as machine tending, pick and place, assembly, packing and unpacking, gluing and sealing and many others. In addition the unique advantages make these robots ideal for training and education, advertising, PR events, special effects and film work, highly flexible automation and other situations where a standard industrial robot is too big, heavy, dangerous and complicated to set up. 

A UR5 working with a Demag injection moulding machine. As the UR5 has an Euromap option this type of installation is as close to plug and play as possible. This means that the robot is well suited to short specialist production runs and very good for in mould labeling and other related tasks. Below shows the Polyscope pendant running through the same program. Polyscope is the easiest programming language we have seen making setup and reprogramming by the end user quick and simple.

If you are purchasing from a university the UR5 is available at £15,000

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