Fanuc Robotics

Fanuc 420iL Long arm EU spec with RJ2 controller

SKU: Fanuc S-420iL RJ2
control: RJ2
capacity: 75kg
reach: 3.0m
stock: 2
weight: 2,000kg


The Fanuc S-420i family of robots are one of the most popular and well regarded in the industry. Used by most of the big car manufacturers the S-420i has a huge install base across North America, Europe and the Far East. The arm uses a combination of aluminium and steel to get excellent power to weight while remaining very rugged and one of the most reliable machines we sell. The arm is modular and any part can be swapped out quickly and easily if needed - which is very rare.
The RJ2 controller comes in two distinct varieties - 
The i cabinet which has the power and servo units in a box attached to the base of the robot arm and a small operators box or "op-box" which mounts the pendant and has function buttons and any I/O units.
The B cabinet which is a much larger all in one box that contains everything and is positioned outside the robot cell. 
The RJ2 is exceptionally reliable and is very fast to boot up. Like the arm they are one of the most dependable types we sell and have exceptionally few issues. The robot is relatively easy to program, has decent connectivity and a huge amount of information is available for the advanced user.

The S-420iF Long arm has a capacity of 75kg and a reach of 3 metres. It was designed for a wide variety of applications including spot welding, mig welding, fitting,  deburring, material handling, palletizing , pick and place and dispensing. It has to be said that this is one of the most popular used robots for palletising. It is a very good size and has the right shape of work envelope for stacking to a very good height. It is also fast giving short cycle times and most importantly very affordable. 

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