Fanuc Robotics

Fanuc 120iB/M-16iB with R-J3iB controller

SKU: Fanuc 120iB/M-16iB 10L R-J3iB
control: R-J3iB
capacity: 10kg
reach: 1885mm
stock: 13
weight: -


The ARC Mate 120iB series is a six-
axis, modular construction, electric
servo-driven family of robots
designed for precise, high-speed
welding and cutting. Based on their
simple and reliable construction,
the ARC Mate 120iB and ARC Mate
120iB/10L provide accurate and
consistent path performance
necessary for welding and cutting.
The R-J3iB Controller and easy-to-
use ArcTool software, standard
with the ARC Mate series robots,
provide reliable performance with high productivity

See below link for the data sheet.

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