Fanuc Robotics

Fanuc Arcmate 120i with RJ2 controller

SKU: Fanuc Arcmate 120i with RJ2 Controller
control: RJ2
capacity: 16kg
reach: 1.5m
stock: 6
weight: 700kg


The Fanuc ArcMate 120i is a six-axis robotic arm that is servo-driven.  It is suitable for high speed welding and cutting processes.  It provides accurate and consistent path performance based on its simple and reliable construction.

In addition to high-speed cutting and welding, the ArcMate 120i is capable of performing a variety of welding applications, including TIG welding, Plasma welding, MIG welding and Plasma cutting.

The 120i is the best in its class for reach versus stroke ratio and fastest motion speeds. The exceptionally fast wrist axes reduce air cut times, and the ArcMate has an extremely large work envelope and complex tooling.

The RJ2 controller was introduced in the mid 1990’s and is approximately equivalent to the ABB S4C system. The RJ2 is popularly supplied in a two part configuration with a large part of the electrical control attached to the base of the robot arm itself and the computer unit and pendant on a second cabinet that is small enough to be wall mounted. The RJ2 was in production for several years and has gained a fantastic reputation for stability reliability and most of all speed of programming. Fanuc programmers often suggest that the Fanuc takes 20% less time to program that some other robots. Used RJ2 controlled Fanuc robots are still being refitted in large numbers by major companies who recognise that they are still very capable machines.

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