KUKA KR200/2 with a KRC2 ED05 Controller

SKU: KUKA KR200/2 KRC2 ED05 Controller
control: KRC2 ED05
capacity: 200kg
reach: 2410mm
stock: 11
weight: 1,500kg


The KUKA KR 125/150/200 family of robots is one of the most popular industrial robot types. BMW, Volkswagen Audi Group, Daimler and many more use them. The lightweight arm is of a single sided design that gives an improved work envelope. 
The KUKA KR125/150 /200 range are multi-purpose 6 axis robots and can be used in a wide range of applications, from palletizing to milling, welding, de-burring and machine tending.  
The arm is largely constructed of aluminum making it nearly half the mass of a comparable ABB robot. This means it is faster and more energy efficient. The base of the robot has forklift points built in. 
Repeatability is an exceptional; +-0.3mm for the 200kg version and +-0.2mm for the 125 and 150 models. 

This KR200/2 comes with the more powerful KRC2 ED05 controller.

There are three types of KR200:


KR200/2 with 200kg payload and 2410 reach

KR200 L150/2 with 150kg payload and 2610mm reach

KR200 L120/2 with 120kg payload and 2810mm reach


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