ABB IRB 340 Flexpicker with M2004 IRC5 controller

SKU: IRB 340 Flexpicker M2004
control: IRC5
capacity: 1kg
reach: 1130mm
stock: 1
weight: 800kg


The ABB IRB 340 flexpicker robot is primarily designed for picking lightweight parts (up to 1kg) from moving conveyors, at speed. It can readily handle 150 picks per minute - equivalent to a 0.4 second cycle time.  IRB 340 often use a vision system to control the robot movement. The arm is very lightweight and made of aluminium and carbon fibre. This is to reduce the inertia of the arm and helps give the IRB 340 its remarkable acceleration and deceleration - in fact it can pull a maximum of 10G. It also has a fantastic record of reliability, the MTBF of the mechanical manipulator is 135,000 hours. Quoted repeatability is 0.1mm. It has an IP rating of IP55 in standard form or IP67 in wash down (SA) form.

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