Robot Economics


Industrial Robots are becoming cheaper and cheaper and our used industrial robot prices reflect this. Consider that an ABB IRB 6000 that we retail for £4000.00 cost over £90,000.00 when it was new in 1993! A new equivalent robot will cost between £30,000 to £60,000 depending on manufacturer and specifications.

We aim to provide both integrators and end users a reliable and consistant supply of good quality robots and give guidance on what robot is suitable for what process, because we stock a range of types of robot by different manufacturers we are not limited to the latest thing or just a few models. If you don't need the latest, most hi-tec robot in the world why pay for it? 

Although some may use robots just because of the image it conveys we believe the really important thing is that a robot will earn its keep. Payback time will vary considerably depending on industry and the task to be robotized. The saving can be simply in the form of an employment saving but will usually be more to do with removing bottlenecks from production, reducing waste and reworking costs, increasing customer satisfaction, preventing heath and safety problems and associated costs. Often it is the most simple task in a factory that will offer the best payback and the best introduction to robotics. Palletising is an obvious example but machine tending or repetitive MIG welding are applications where a robot can pay for itself very quickly. The best payback we have seen was under 6 weeks in a plant manufacturing forklift tines. 

Automation, if applied correctly, can save a great deal of resources and material in a manufacturing process. Efficiencies can also occur in unexpected ways, it is possible to run machines through the night without light or heat and using cheaper energy than available during the day. As repeatability is increased it is also possible to increase quality reducing waste from defective product.  

As this extract from Forbes Website (Jan 2006) describes, even a new robot is cheaper than the cheapest labourer, the savings with a used robot are even greater!

We also believe that employing robots does not mean losing your human workforce. Companies that invest in robots and automation become much more competitive in their sector and are much more likely to survive in today's harsh business climate. Robots are best employed doing the tedious, repetitive and dangerous work, protecting your staff and allowing them to spend more time on more satisfying and indeed more valuable tasks.  

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