Industrial Robot Training


When it comes to training on robots there are a few options. It is quite possible to be come profficient with nothing more than a set of manuals, a lot of patience and trial and error. In fact some of our most inovative customers have learned this way and have been very successful. 

IRB2400 Controller.jpg

There is a lot of useful industrial robot information available on the net. YouTube is a very useful resource for seeing how others have used robots and a lot of useful detail can be gleaned. There is also a lot of free help and advice on various forums. Some robot manufactures have case studies, manuals and other details on their websites. ABB offer a free trial of their very useful RobotStudio software, however use your free 30 days carefully, it is quite expensive to subscribe to but a must for the serious ABB integrator. ABB also have CAD data for their robots available on their website which is very useful for proving a robot will have the work envelope required.  

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In general terms to speed up the process we suggest a short training program and or some consultation on the first installation. Most of the robot manufacturers run these sorts of courses although the prices are frequently very high. For ABB robots we often refer customers to as we have worked with them for many years and know that they run excellent value for money courses.