A beginner's guide to robots


6- axis industrial robots are the most flexible and powerful tools available today. In their simplest terms they consist of two units; the robotic arm and the control system. The arm has 6 axis which allow it to move to any point within a working envelope. Movement is driven by electric motors. The control system is a computer that allows precise movement of the arm by controlling the power supplied to the motors.

Robotic arms typically have capacities of between 1kg to 300kg and are accurate to 0.1mm or better. Robots are sometimes developed for specific tasks such as painting or welding but the standard industrial robot is easily programmed to fulfill a number of roles, see the applications page for more details.

Used robots is a fast growing sector of the automation market. The technology and build quality of robots made over 10 years ago means that they are a viable alternative to new robots with little or no difference in capability in many applications. Just a big saving in cost. For further information please contact us.