Due to the huge array of technologies available and through years of experience, we are able to offer solutions to most handling applications. By using both proved systems from specialist manufacturers and bespoke products we can meet your requirements. Robots have not only power and speed but also accuracy, dexterity and sensitivity.

They are regularly used in a variety of industries for the manipulation of a plethora of of items from car doors to eggs, from springs to champagne. A typical large robot will be able to handle a load of 120kg at speeds of 2500 mm/s. Sensor systems including vision systems can allow for variables in part, position and type. Grippers are available in a huge array of types, payloads and many applications will require the fabrication of a bespoke gripper. The actuator units themselves - usually pneumatic but also electromechanical - are available from many manufacturers as are suction cups. There are also other gripping devices such as electromagnetic grippers.

Handling covers a very large range of applications, dedicated pick and place such as the ABB IRB 340 are designed specifically for very fast and accurate work often coupled to a vision system. They are often used in the food industry for jobs such as picking chocolates from a moving conveyor and placing them into boxes in given positions at speeds of over 150 picks per minute. Handling can also include machine tending. Robots are excellent for working with injection moulding machines, blow moulders, CNC mills and lathes, spark eroders, presses etc. By automating with robots machines can be worked much more efficiently and even through the night and weekends to give the best return on what is invariably very expensive hardware.

This is an ABB IRB 340 "flexpicker", as described it is a very fast machine for picking small parts. Almost any robot is capable of pick and place work - 6-axis machines being the most flexible and widely used.