At global robots we have many years of robot experience. We have seen many different uses for robots in a vast range of industries. They are in principle a simple piece of equipment and therefore highly adaptable.

The 6-axis industrial robot is certainly the most flexible type and can be used in many different ways. In addition there are more specialist robots such as the ABB IRB 340 pick and place robots that are used in quite specific applications. Some applications are very simple and have been done thousands of times before, but we are finding more and more industries that are turning to automation and more specifically robots, to increase production and quality while lowering costs and waste.

With the prices of used robots so low and the pressures on manufacturing companies so great robots are no longer the preserve of the motor industry. For every application listed below there are hundreds of derivative and related possibilities. With hundreds of thousands of robots installed worldwide in industries as diverse as sawmills to pharmaceuticals robots have time and again provide huge gains in productivity, safety, economy and quality.

Global Robots robotic applications