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Global Robots is a UK based industrial robot company with customers, suppliers and partners around the world.

We started in 2004 with the goal of making robots affordable to a far wider market than ever before by supplying high quality used robotic equipment at low prices.

We have over 300 robots in stock here in Bedfordshire and have sold thousands of robots. Really!  

Focusing on the supply of robots rather than their installation we sell robots from all the main manufacturers including ABB, Fanuc, Motoman and Kuka. We buy and sell robots in large numbers keeping prices competitive. If you need a robot or robotic system or parts then we can help find it or if you need advice on choosing a system, installation, training or programming then we can provide a solution that saves you money. We have agents in the USA, Scandinavia & Russia, Eastern Europe and contacts and preferred integrators across the globe. 

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We were probably the first dedicated wholesaler of Industrial Robots in the world. While many other robot companies will try and sell you a complete package, with all the extra cost that involves, we concentrate simply on buying and selling the robots themselves. We buy in bulk from larger factories to get the best maintained robots for the lowest prices. Many of our customers are long established integrators, end users with many robots already and even the robot manufacturers themselves. We have a simple ethos - the lower the price the more we will sell. Most production environments have applications perfect for robots, there is usually just one restriction - cost. By just supplying the robot alone our customers can take on some or all of the traditionally very expensive integration and programming work themselves. At the same time this builds a far greater understanding of the robot among the workforce leading to much wider acceptance. We often find that companies who install robots themselves are much more likely to order more, just because once they understand the many capabilities of the robots they think of new ways of using them.

Because we don't specialise in one robot model we are also happy to give impartial advice about what may be right for you. We can put you in contact with a specialist in your application or industry. We are also happy to suggest manufacturers of end effector equipment such as welding gear, grippers, suckers etc. As we do not integrate robots ourselves we will always endeavor to put you in touch with the best qualified and best value integrator or supplier we know. Sometimes by keeping the non-robot specific work in house a company can save many thousands of Pounds, Dollars or Euros. Many customers are opting for this cheaper approach. We know several integrators that are happy to do as little or as much installation work as is needed. Perhaps you would just like some guidance at the initial phases, deciding what can be automated and how. Maybe you would just like a few days programming training. It may be that your company has the expertise to install all but the most complex parts of the installation and so would just like an experienced integrator to come in for a day or two to finish off. 


By getting an initial design and parts list from a robot integration expert, buying a robot from ourselves, the customer can do a lot of the integration work themselves. Then the specialist company can come in again to finish off the cell, program the robot and give any training or guidance required. This can reduce typical installation cost by 50%! This was an idea that we first had a few years ago. It seemed pointless that a decent sized company with its own fabrication facilities and skilled maintenance engineers was paying a premium for integration work, the bulk of which was relatively straight forward and generic. Since then we have sold robots to many companies who wanted to keep the majority of the work in house. This has the additional benefits of integrating the whole concept of robots into a company as various personnel from inside the company get involved, interested and inspired by the installation.

We are here to help. The industrial robot world can seem daunting and indeed expensive. Our customer base goes from the big automotive companies to one man bands. The world of robotics is here.